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  • I understand that there are inherent risks associated with training, boarding, socializing, walking and working with dogs in general. I assume any and all responsibility for myself and my dog(s) during training, boarding, walking and any other work with Hurstbourne Animal Hospital, assuming due diligence and care have been exercised. I will not hold Hurstbourne Animal Hospital and any affiliates or property owners responsible for any injuries or misfortunes (to or by me or my dog) while training, boarding, walking or any other work, should they occur. I further understand that due to the way that dogs interact with one another, cuts or scratches can occur to me or my dog, even though the dogs are carefully supervised. I also understand that my participation in any of these activities is not without risks such as tripping, falling, getting knocked down and jumped on, bitten, scratched, etc. I also understand that in enrolling my dog(s) into any of Hurstbourne Animal Hospital programs, that Hurstbourne Animal Hospital has relied upon my representation that my dog(s) are in good health and have received the necessary vaccinations (or equivalent alternatives) as agreed upon by my veterinarian. If my dog becomes injured or ill, Hurstbourne Animal Hospital shall have the right to call my veterinarian. In the event of an emergency and my designated veterinarian is unavailable, Hurstbourne Animal Hospital has the right to take my dog(s) to the nearest animal hospital for immediate care. I agree to reimburse, in full, Hurstbourne Animal Hospital for any medical expenses accrued while under the supervision of Hurstbourne Animal Hospital will not be held responsible for any decisions made by the veterinarian on the dog’s behalf. We do not offer a monetary refund. Instead we stand 100% behind our training. We will continue to work with owners who are working hard for as long as it takes to be sure you and your dog get everything needed out of training. I hereby release and agree to save and hold harmless, Hurstbourne Animal Hospital and any affiliates or property owners from any and all liability, claims, suits, actions, loss, injury or damage of any nature or kind, or for any liability, claims, suits, actions, loss, injury or damage which I or my dog(s) may sustain or which may be caused in any way by my dog(s). I specifically, without limitation, agree to fully indemnify Hurstbourne Animal Hospital and any affiliates or property owners for any and all such liability, claims, suits, actions, losses, injury or damage. I understand that I am solely financially responsible for any damage or harm caused by my dog during training, boarding, socializing, or walking.