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Salon & Spa

eNrTT87PLUjMq9Q3tDTQLy3IyU9M0TczSkk0STZJ0ssqSAdcMLEJCpw,Our seasoned groomer’s offer a range of services for both canine and feline clients. All of our full service grooms include Hydro-surge bathing, fluff dry, nail trimming, ear cleaning, sanitary & pad trim, anal gland expression, hair style and/or undercoat removal, bows/bandanas, pet cologne, and of course tons of T.L.C.

While visiting our spa/salon; each pet receives at least one potty walk, blanket and a bowl of water as needed and cats get their private little box in their cat condo.

Specialty Shampoos $5-$15

  • Whitening (Gently removes dulling buildup and safely removes yellow discoloration and enhance natural shine of white and light coats.)
  • Medicated (Seborrhea, dermatitis, itchy skin, hotspots & ect.)
  • Exfoliating (Removes flaky skin)
  • Flea and Tick (Helps kill fleas & ticks)
  • Blueberry Facial (Helps with facial staining, deodorizes & brightens)

Furminator Shed-less Treatment $25-$30

Reduces shedding up to 85% with regular use (Includes: 1o minutes of soaking in furminator shampoo then rinse and again the pet will soak for the next 10 minutes in a furminator solution. Once pet is completely rinsed we’ll full force blow out all undercoat, excessive combing/raking, use furminator tool as long as the pet is willing to allow.

Express Grooms

Ideal for elderly or special needs pets.

  • $15 Extra for small pets (In/out within 1-1.5hrs.
  • $35 Extra for medium/large pets (In/out within 2-2.5hrs.)
  • Must pre-book for an appointment

Individual/Walk-in Services

  • Nail Trims $10
  • Nail Trims w/ Filing $15 (Grinds down length of nails and rounds edges smooth). “Great for pets who like to jump on people/things and scratch easily”
  • Anal Gland Expressions $10
  • Ear Cleaning $5-$10
  • Face Trim $5-$10
  • Sanitary/Pad Trim $15
  • Tooth Brushing $5 (60 second dental scrub with toothpaste and toothbrush, followed by a shot of breath freshener)
  • Nail Polishing $15 (Limited Colors)

A Touch Of Color

Semi-permanent, Non-toxic hair coloring lasts up to 4-6 weeks, colors based on availability.

  • Three separate areas $15-$30
  • Full Body $25-$45

Our grooming staff takes appointments 7 days a week.

Convenient Hour of Operation Monday Thru Friday 7am-7pm, Saturday 8am-4pm & Sunday 8am-2pm.

Please call for estimates (502) 495-0509 or Walk-in for a groom consultation with one of our groomer’s.

**All pets must be up to date with a rabies and bordetella. Please give a 24 hour cancellation notice to avoid having to pay a deposit.